16 Gizmos That Will Help Prevent Theft

Now gadgets and gizmos are available for almost anything. While we adore our gadgets, the thought of somebody else taking them away from you can make you feel upset. It is precisely to avoid this you need to protect them. Here is a collection of such designs, devices and gizmos which will protect and even camouflage your belongings to protect them from being stolen. While these cannot guarantee complete protection from theft, they will at least make the process difficult as to deter them.

Protect your lunch: We can all vouch that each workplace has a few moochers who will take your lunch and eat it. You can hardly guard your lunch to prevent this happening. But this anti theft lunch bag will make your lunch look so bad with green splotches on both sides that few will be tempted to look at it, but there is the danger that someone may take into their mind to throw it away.

1.2-Lunch Bags

1-Lunch Bags

A socket like device for hiding your stash: Though looking like a two pin plug socket this Secret Electric Wall Socket compartment will camouflage a hiding place for any valuables that you want to hide.

2.1-Socket Stash

2.2-Socket Stash

Car Stereo facade: Using an old fashioned cassette deck as a facade this Fake Car Stereo covers your cool stereo in your car.
3.1-Tape Car Stereo

3.2-Tape Car Stereo

Stickers to make things ugly: These Anti Theft Stickers will protect your bike or car by making it look ugly and scratched.

4.2-Anti Theft Stickers

4-Anti Theft Stickers

Mug with a hole: This Anti Theft Mug has a plug that can be removed when the owner wants it to making the mug unable to hold liquids, thus preventing others from using it.

5-Anti Theft Plug Mug

Disgusting safe: This device the Brief safe has an off putting look like underwear. But is actually a place to store cash and other valuables. It can be used while you are traveling.

6-The Brief Safe

Colorful answer: This gizmo is a rather colorful Home Security Paintball Gun Turret will spray paint on intruders.

7-Security Paintball Gun Turret

Car alarm: The Tesla Coils Car Burglar Alarm will put up a show for people who pass by. Burglars will find themselves trapped in the Tesla circle making it a spectacle for all to see.

8-Car Burglar Alarm

Newspaper like Case: You can carry your laptop in this Newspaper Notebook case which can look like a newspaper. You even have a choice of 5 languages.
9-Laptop Sleeve

Envelope sleeve: Postal Envelope Laptop Sleeve can be rolled up when you are not using it and provides a relatively safe option.
10-Postal Envelope

Self destructing Flash Drive: Ironkey USB Flash Drive comes with encryption that is waterproof and will not be accessible unless password is correct. On 10 wrong tries the data will be destroyed automatically.
11-USB Flash Drive

Fingerprints please: This Biometric Flash Drive can only be accessed using your fingerprints making it really secure
12-USB Flash Drive

Unsightly camera: This is simply making your digital camera look unattractive to potential thieves by using Ugly Camera.
13-Ugly Digital Camera

Old style Walkman case: This can be used to protect iPods. Walkman iPod Case will camouflage your lovely and potentially steal worth iPod.


Broken wheel: This broken looking bike wheel that collapses by turning of a key by the owner. This can prevent people from stealing it.
15-Anti Theft Bicycle

Fake camera real security: If you are not able to bear the cost of putting up real security cameras, then these can do the job. They look real but do not actually record.
16-Fake Security Cameras

Fake, ugly, camouflage, disguise and broken. That is what these devices will do for all your precious belongings. This way any potential thief will find himself/herself not looking at your possessions with a covetous eye.