Get Some Of The Best Nature Wallpaper Photos Clicked Yourself While Boating

There is something about the water which one simply cannot resist. Each and every time I go to the beach I just feel like enjoying the tide. Most of the hours while I go to the beach, I am in the water. But there is something more exciting than enjoying the tide. If you ask me what is my passion I would say it is boating. The feel of cutting the water with a boat is simply too amazing for me.


But I have seen that I am not alone. Many others too find a boat very interesting. Maybe that is why we can see that there are many others out there who have various types of boats on their desktops as their wallpapers.

Boating has been practiced since a long time by man. Though earlier it was very crude in nature and a big risk, man used to travel distances on a boat. But now things have changed a lot. In the modern day, owning a boat is the symbol of luxury and a boat ride is nothing less than a luxury. But each boat has its own beauty. Those who have the hobby of boating will always find themselves quite close to nature. Those who go on boating expeditions are always excited to come up to a new land form or a deserted island.


Though one may be in a form of bliss when boating, maintaining a boat is never an easy job. There is always one or the other thing to take care of or repair on a boat. I noticed that my boat is one of my proud possessions but keeping it in tip top shape is never an easy job. It is always good to have some good quality adhesive always on board. Something or the other always needs to be fixed onboard. Just three months back I got my boat painted and my friends had a weekend on it. We have some great photos of the boat on the pier. Right now one of these is my desktop wallpaper.


Though I do not go too far on my boat, I do venture out when I get the time for it. Such small trips mean a lot for me. These are the times when I can actually get involved with my secondary hobby. Since a long time I am an amateur photographer and nature is my favorite subject. Whenever I am out on such a tour I take a lot of pictures in which I am able to express something on the other. With these photos, I do not even need to buy the natural wallpapers that many sites sell.

I can just adjust one of my own photos as my wallpaper and it is guaranteed to be quite unique. I always look forward to capturing the sun at the horizon, the blooming flowers, the geese and such subjects which can add more color. So far I have captured some of the best nature landscape wallpaper for my desktop with my own camera.

About the author:

Alexander Ferris is a retired investment banker and is one of those photography enthusiasts who simply thrive on the gifts of nature. His photographs have gained him a few accolades and his choice of subjects is quite unique. Though he is an amateur, his nature landscape wallpaper collection is pretty amazing.